7-Day Keto Diet Plan for gaining 10 Pounds and Health

7-Day Keto Diet Plan for gaining 10 Pounds and Health

The 7-day keto diet plan is not difficult to do although you are the beginners. Lose weight until 10 LBS along with high-fat and low-carb foods.

Diet is not only for weight loss but also it is about health. Keto diet gives a lot of benefits for health like reducing numerous serious illnesses. 7-day keto diet plan becomes the most favorite options for the beginner. Besides, that menu is attractive and healthier, this diet program loss weight until 10 pounds per week. Would you like to try it? A week of the keto diet plan and menu are available here including things to avoid. Let’s go on the deeper discussion below!

7-Day Keto Diet Plan as well as Menu that easy to undergo

In general, the keto diet resembles the high-fat Atkins diet because both have a lot of similarities. They apply high-fat and low-carb food ingredients. Nonetheless, the keto diet never has a stage or a set of meals. So, what does it mean 7-day keto diet plan? How do you set it to lose 10 pounds per week? Remember, it is merely no plan that means this kind of diet program is easier to undertake.  Nonetheless, you may set for the main rule and the food list alone like below:

  • Keto Diet Planning

Only consume foods that are high-healthy fat, high-protein, and low-carb. It will be better for low/ sugar-free and gluten-free. For your information, you just allow eating carbs of 20 g per day.

  • Keto Diet Menu

Speaking about the foods to eat, choose red meat, eggs, and hard cheese. Add double cream, butter, and mayonnaise in your list.

How does a week of the keto diet plan work for you and ensuring beginners? Well, it truly works fast for weight loss although it just eliminates one source of energy. By cutting out carbs as one of your body energy sources, you send the body into ketosis.

Due to you do not use many carbs anymore, the body will embark on using a high-fat diet. After eliminating carbs and use fat as the only energy, it will burn the fat quickly. After entering ketosis conditions, the body asks for the liver to use the body’s fatty acids to produce ketones. Ketones are the molecules to burn for fuel.

Some Food Ingredients to avoid for People with Keto Diet

Beware toward these foods during running a 7-day diet keto plan. These food ingredients are potential to damage your program:

Grains or starches

It is cereals, wheat-based products, pasta, rice, and more.

Sugary foods

They are fruit juice, soda, smoothies, cake, ice cream, and candy.


All fruit, except small portions of berries and avocados.

Beans or legumes

It is chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, and peas.

Root tubers and vegetables

They are carrot, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Low-fat or diet products

Anyway, highly processed products are often high-carbs.

Some condiments

It is foods with unhealthy fats and often contains sugar.

So, have you ready to start your 7-day keto diet plan tomorrow? Do not worry about the difficulty to change food habits is not long. Your tongue and stomach will adapt to it as soon as possible. When you work to weight loss until 10 pounds a week, of course, you will be more spirit. Okay, thank you for reading!

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