Almond Flour Bread in Super-Fast Recipe “Just 3 Steps”

Almond Flour Bread in Super-Fast Recipe “Just 3 Steps”
Katherine Jones

Almond flour bread is a sugar-free, paleo, gluten-free, and low-carb keto dish that is easy to make. Quite with 3 steps, you can make it perfect.

There are two kinds of gluten-free and low-carb flour to make keto bread. It is almond and coconut flour that become the mainstay of healthier ingredients. What do you will try today with one of both flours? Almond flour bread is the best and perfect main dish for the sandwich. It implies you will have breakfast and lunch with a healthier sandwich, bread, toast, cake, or business. In turns out almond flour bread recipe, keto is a piece of cake only in 40 minutes. Let’s check it dot!

Almond Flour Bread Recipe, Direction, and Nutrition

Almond flour bread recipe is not only gluten-free and low-carb. Each slice is sugar-free, LCHF, paleo, dairy-free, wheat-free, and grain-free. The nutrition of each slice is 2g fiber, 3.9g total carb, sugar 0.6g, protein 4g, 11.3g, and calories 126. Later on, you need to mix bowls, loaf pan, measure spoon, and cups as the equipment. Meanwhile, the ingredients to cook consist of:

  • Almond meal or flour as the main ingredient for 200g.
  • Then, provide 20g psyllium husk, one teaspoon of salt or to taste, and baking powder of 2 teaspoons.
  • You still need 4 eggs in medium size, warm water 125ml, and 50g melted coconut oil.

Do you know that your almond flour keto bread only needs 3 steps to finish it? It is true and here are easy and fast directions in three steps:

  1. Take your mixing bowl and put all dry ingredients there.
  2. Mix the eggs, coconut oil, and warm water well but do not over mix.
  3. Pour into your loaf tin and bake in350F or180C for 30 minutes. If it looks golden inside and cooked entirely you do not need to wait until thirty minutes. On the other hand, some ovens need a longer time to cook so choose the best oven to buy.

Two Methods to Store Almond Flour Bread Recipe

Human is not a good/ smart creature within predicting something. You might make too much almond flour bread and, of course, it is so sweet to throw.  Quite save the loaf in the freezer using one of 2 following methods:

  1. Wrap your bread using parchment paper because plastic will damage the texture of the bread. It damages the texture by trapping moisture and emerge little damp or gummy. By the way, this first method quite store in the open area at room temperature. It will survive for about one week and still yummy to eat.
  2. Secondly, quite freeze it in the slice form to easily grab and pop in the oven to toast.

A little bit of information on almond flour that has few differences from the wheat flour. It turns out cannot make the dough elastic or expand. So, it needs psyllium husk to make the texture keep looking like regular bread. Psyllium husk will absorb water to give volume on the bread also add fiber. Okay, that is detailed almond flour bread in an easy and fast recipe that must include in your meal plan. Try to serve it without informing on the ingredients or say that it is keto bread. Then, see what they will say to this low-carb, healthy, and paleo bread.

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