Keto Cheesy Mexican Chicken Skillet only need 45 Minute for serving

Keto cheesy mexican chicken skillet only need 45 minute for serving

Keto cheesy Mexican chicken skillet should not use chicken as the main meat. But, you must make and taste this recipe first before making an experiment!

Do you know how happy the writer can share information about keto dish? Moreover, it must share about keto cheesy Mexican chicken skillet recipe. This page has prepared a special recipe for you to try later. You do not allow throwing this opportunity or you will bore with your old keto foods. Low carb cheesy Mexican chicken skillet recipe of the day keeps a piece of cake. Therefore, go on your kitchen or grocery to preparing all ingredients. Once more, do you know what makes it so special?

Keto Cheesy Mexican Chicken Skillet for 6 Portions

What makes it special is because it can dismiss the taste of cauliflower. Instead, it uses cauliflower. The keto cheesy Mexican chicken skillet in the section is suitable for a large family. This low-carb chicken skillet will be ready in 30 minutes for six people. Each serving contributes the calories 251.3. You just need 20 minutes for cooking and 10 minutes for preparing the main ingredients and the chicken seasoning. Pay attention to the third points about the ingredients and directions:

  • Ingredients
  1. Large chicken breast (2)
  2. Chicken broth (1/2 cup)
  3. Olive oil (2 tablespoons)
  4. Steamed bag cauliflower rice (12 ounces)
  5. Taco seasoning (1 teaspoon)
  6. Minced garlic cloves (2)
  7. Chopped medium onion (1/2)
  8. Salsa (1/2 cup)
  9. Diced green chiles (4 ounces, can fire-roasted and drain)
  10. Shredded Mexican blend cheese (1 cup)
  • Chicken Seasoning

Prepare chili powder (1 teaspoon), pinch cayenne pepper, garlic powder (1/4 teaspoon), cumin (1/2 teaspoon), and paprika (1/2 teaspoon). Add salt and pepper where each dose is 1/4 teaspoon.

  • Directions for low carb cheesy Mexican chicken skillet recipe
  1. In a small bowl, mix the chicken seasoning. Meanwhile, cut the chicken breast in a bite-sized and then season with the blend.
  2. Cook the chicken on the skillet over medium-high heat with 1 tablespoon olive oil. Cook it until cook and golden.
  3. You can do it while steaming the cauliflower rice bag in the microwave.
  4. Saute onion in a tablespoon oil until soft and add garlic. Cook it until fragrant about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Add and stir steamed cauliflower rice, chicken broth, salsa, green chiles, and taco seasoning. Cook and stir occasionally until absorb for 8-10 minutes over medium-low heat.
  6. Stir and add Mexican cheese on top and cover the skillet with a lid to melt the cheese. By the way, you can melt it under a broiler if you use an oven-safe skillet.

Can you change the chicken with other Ground Meat?

Well, you might bore, dislike, or have any reason to change the chicken. Calm down! It may change the meat with beef. If you use beef you must adjust the broth with a beef broth. Anything meat that you choose, it keeps becoming a delicious casserole dish for all family members.

Okay, that is keto cheesy Mexican chicken skillet to practice without hassle. You can prove that there is no cauliflower smell and taste inside the food. Feel free to change the meat if you prefer like other meats. Thank you for reading! Hopefully, it is easy to understand and have a nice try!

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