Keto Chili Recipe: Now, Kids will enjoy and love it!

Keto chili recipe now kids will enjoy and love it

Keto chili recipe matches for serving kids with adding some extra toppings like cheese and others. Feel free to utilize the Keto low-carb chili recipe to explore it.

Have you known that bean is not friendly for a keto diet? From now, you should stop to add this ingredient in your diet foods. Substitute bean with chili such as in keto chili recipe today.  Besides it is friendlier for diet, the option to cook chili low-carb is various. You can see and collect it directly. Keto low-carb chili recipe comes along with some additional information. You will need it to avoid feeling bored running your keto diet. The various recipes that are easy and fast to cook will make you happy.

Keto Chili Recipe in 3 Options

This page will present 3 Keto low-carb chili recipe ideas that you can practice it one by one directly.  They are:

  1. Keto Chili with White Chicken

The first recipe comes from Hey Keto Mama that presents a chili recipe with creamy and spicy chicken. Mama states that this low-carb dish is suitable for weekly meal preparation. Here, you will need 1 cup of chili, chicken and xanthan gum. By the way, each 1 cup of chili contains 1g net carb, 39g filling protein, and 30g fat.

  1. Keto Hot Soup with Chili

Secondly, there is keto hot soup that comes from the chili. presents it in Mexican cuisine that keeps low-carb with 6.44g net carbs for one bowl. The chef adds avocado, cilantro, and fresco while combining with some spices. There are turmeric, cumin, and coriander that carry heat and boost the flavor.

  1. Keto Chili with Shredded Chicken Top

Ketogasm presents this keto chili dish with shredded chicken that will give a nice tender. The tender and soft textures are suitable for this chili recipe without ignoring the flavor and nutrition. It turns out a serving of keto chili with shredded chicken has 200 calories. Besides that, it contains 6g net carbs. However, this high-nutrient gets support from the great spicy mix. There are chili powder, garlic powder, and cumin that match for weight loss.

Kids will love Keto Chili from your Cooking

Okay, you have seen 3 kinds of Keto low-carb chili recipe options to cook anytime. Roughly, who can eat this spicy and hot food? This page says that kids will love it without the pressure of force from the parents. It is not because they do not have a choice to eat but this hot and spicy dish can increase their appetite. Therefore, do not doubt to offer it to everyone that you know all this time.

Now, you should listen to tips to cook it well where:

  1. You better avoid bean in the filling or ingredients. Alongside that, avoid tortilla chips as the topping that can damage low-carb chili quality. Change tortilla chips with corn chip that is healthier and not high-carb.
  2. Add extra cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, or onion extra to garnish and add appetite.

Do not doubt to serve keto chili based on the recipes above. You will serve the best keto chili recipe that your kid will like it. It implies this hot and spicy dish is friendly for everyone. You also have a lot of options both the recipe and the toping. Try it!

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