7-day keto diet meal plan and menu for beginners to lose weight that Easy to follow

7 day keto diet meal plan and menu for beginners to lose weight that easy to follow

 7-day keto diet meal plan and menu for beginners to lose weight is very easy to follow and give numerous benefits. It prevents heart diseases and others.

7-day keto diet meal plan and menu for beginners to lose weight is a long topic. However, it will be extremely essential to know for people who never try it before. You who want to feel the sensation of a keto diet should understand the definition first. Keto has another name of “ketogenic” where that benefits health with the low-carb and high-protein menu. It also prioritizes to lose high-fat that causes cholesterol. Learn more a week of the keto diet deeply. Find what you are looking for before truly starting the keto diet.

Keto Diet Meal Plan and Menu for Beginners

On this page, the topic of a keto diet meal plan and menu still highlights the other definitions. Keto diet has a lot of similarities with other low-carb diets and Atkins. It is also a program that focuses on eating plans to drive into ketosis. Based on Stacey Mattinson, your body will use fat not carbohydrate as the primary fuel source. By the way, Stacey Mattinson is a healthy lifestyle blogger as well we a motivational nutrition teacher.

People who run diet keto must know the different percentages of the nutrient.  It must report the fats between 55 and 60%, protein (30-35%), and carbohydrate (5-10%). By the way, here are some information Keto meal plan and menu:

  • Keto means plan just contributes 30 g of net carbs per day or less than 50g. How to know the get carbs is by using total carbs to reduce the fiber.
  • Meanwhile, fiber has a great role to protect gut bacteria, prevent constipation, and improve digestive function.
  • Fat is a source of calories but the amount is lesser from protein. That is why it always suggests eating the egg, fish, meat, and dairy products.
  • Ketosis comes from ketones and it is the result of acid buildup. The acid buildup comes from the fat burning to get energy.

List of Foods to Eat as Keto Diet Meal Plan

Truthfully, the prior passages have leaked indirectly what you should eat to run your weight loss. Here, Keto diet menu 7-day keto meal plan for beginners will appear some foods menu based on the nutrition:

  1. Carb/ Carbohydrate

Carb will contribute 5-10% calories and you can get it from greens, lettuce, bok coy, celery, mushroom, eggplant, and asparagus. Those ingredients are not only low-carb but also zero sugar. It is the key to keep your body in ketosis and keep low-carb.

  1. Fat

Fat gives calories more than 50% that can come from fatty fish, coconut oil, and butter. There are ghee, heavy cream, softer cheese, and avocado. It fuels your body from ketosis, not glucose.

  1. Protein

It contributes up to 35% that comes from lamb, beef, chicken, shellfish, veal, fish, and pork.  Protein maintains your muscle mass as well as boost body metabolism. However, do not over to eat because it can get rid of ketosis.

Okay, that is detailed information on a 7-day keto diet meal plan and menu for beginners to lose weight.  It turns out this diet plan gives a lot of benefits like reducing some serious illnesses’ main factors. It may prevent blood pressure, heart diseases, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Thank you for reading. Beginner, let’s go!

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