Low-Carb Smoothies in 6 Amazing Taste Recipes for Health and Diet

Low-Carb Smoothies in 6 Amazing Taste Recipes for Health and Diet

Low-carb smoothies are easy to make a lot at home without robbing your time. This kind of drink uses low-carb fruits and veggies.

Lately, the earth is getting warmer and warmer both at noon and night. It always forces people to enjoy a glass of smoothie to cooling down. But, you are on a diet that limits some foods and beverages. However, low-carb smoothies below will not break your program. It keeps getting healthier and delicious taste while bringing a lot of nutrients. Different from the most smoothies, it is a high protein, vitamin, and other nutrients. Nonetheless, you can make 6 healthy low-carb smoothies at home without the hassle. It is amazing!

6 Fresh and Tasty Low-Carb Smoothies that easy to make at Home

Complete your diet menu with these high low-carb smoothies that zero sugar, low fat, but high nutrients. You can make it easily at home and then drink it anytime from breakfast until before sleeping. Well, here are the 6 recipes that will refresh your body:

  1. Minty Green Smoothie

The first smoothie brings a green theme that is high-protein and fresh. Your mouth will feel fresh because of the peppermint extract. By the way, this sugar-and-dairy free smoothie is full of fiber and fat. How to make this beverage is blending the peppermint extract, spinach, avocado, and almond milk.

  1. Strawberry Crunch Smoothie

Secondly, it offers to enjoy a glass of strawberry crunch smoothie low-carb in the morning. Mixes almonds, cinnamons, and strawberries and store it in the fridge if you make it before sleeping. By the way, it is useful to lower blood sugar.

  1. Yummy Green Smoothie

Next, there is a yummy green smoothie from spinach, avocado, flax seeds, and almond milk. Of course, all ingredients should mix before drinking.

  1. Cheesecake Smoothie in Purple color

To make low-carb smoothies, you need some strawberries, cottage cheese, and unsweetened soymilk to make a glass of cheesecake smoothie. The taste is extraordinary!

  1. Citrus Pear Smoothie

This low-carb beverage has a typical sensation from the mixing of citrus and pear. It turns out the ingredients are more than those. There are parsley and spinach as extra nutrients and peeled avocado to replace banana.

  1. Red Velvet Smoothie 2020

Get the beautiful red color from beets, not for food or other colors. The beets have a lot of nutrients from iron, calcium, and Vitamins (A & C). Mix this ingredient with avocado together.

All low-carb smoothies above merely use easy to find ingredients. You can get it easily in the kitchen refrigerator or pantry without spending much money. Besides that, all smoothies are quick to make and ready to drink directly.

Additional Information that you should know before starting make Smoothie

Wait! You should understand the following information pretty you do no wrong in making the smoothie:

  • Skip the fruit juice that contains sugar (carbs) and water even lacks fiber and protein.
  • Measure your fruit to avoid overdo or lack a measure to get the right portion.
  • Keep choosing low-carb fruits like avocado, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberry that are friendly to the purse. By the way, bananas and passion fruits belong to high-carb fruits.
  • Froze your smoothie to enjoy it later.

Okay, that is an easy and quick guide to make low-carb smoothies anytime you have time. But, it is better to make time for this healthy refreshing drink.

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